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サンバル (150g)>>>1





What's included in the price:
Nasi Goreng Sambal(200g)× 2
Satay(8pcs)with peanut sauce × 1
Otak Otak(90g)× 1
Beef Rendang(200g)×1
Sambal × 1

For 2-3 persons. Suitable for small home party.

Sambal sauce can be dipped with Otak Otak as well as Nasi Lemak. It also can be beautifully fried with veges such as Chinese water spinach, Okura (Ladyfinger) or eggplants.

All you have to do is to boil the frozen packages. They can last as long as a month in the fridge.

”Promotional Offer”
You'll get a free book "Nasi Lemak" probably the very first book entirely and solely on Malayasian national dish "Nasi Lemak" written in Japanese by Oto Furukawa, known to be the leading editor specialised in Malaysia and its culture. Hurry before the limited copies are gone!

"and more"
You'll also receive a postcard with illustrations of Malaysian food drawn by a Japanese Illustrator, Komako

マレーシアパーティーセットA/Value Meal #01

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