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ビーフルンダン(200g)/Beef Rendang

2017年にアメリカの放送局CNNが “世界でもっともおいしい料理” として発表した「ビーフルンダン」。牛肉の濃厚な煮込み料理です。多種のスパイスやココナッツミルクを使い、結婚式やお祭りのようなハレの日の料理として人気です。






"Beef Rendang (Malaysian rich beef stew)" is known to have been chosen as "The tastiest food in the world" by CNN, an Amerian broadcasting station back in 2017. Beef Rendang is one of the popular party food eaten on occasions such as wedding ceremony or annual festivals and cooked mainly with variety of spices, coconut milk and coconut flakes.

Our speciality Beef Rendang is stewed well to soften the beef. You'll be fully enjoying the harmony of mildness coming from coconut milk and spiciness created by chilli. Lastly, don't forget to prepare steamed rice as its a great fit to our flavourful and rich Beef Rendang.

The only step you need to take is to boil it. It would last up to 1 month in freezer (make sure to keep it frozen, of course).

Turmeric rice (glutinous rice coloured with turmeric) would give you even more local feel to the table.

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ビーフルンダン/Beef Rendang

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