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ナシゴレン・サンバル(200g)/Nasi Goreng Sambal









Nasi Goreng is fried rice. Nasi means "Rice" and Goreng means "to fry". Quite a popular way of cooking rice over in Malaysia.

Along with ingredients like prawns and fish meat cakes, the key flavour is created by "Belacan (fermented shrimps)" and Sambal (Chilli sauce popular in SEA countries). Well, it's a bit spicy but surely it'll addict you as you finish the plate.

You only need to boil it. Almost forgot to tell you that it would be even tastier with a few slice of cucumber and fried ("goreng" again!) egg as that's how WE enjoyi it back at home in Malaysia.

It would last up to 1 month in freezer (make sure to keep it frozen, of course).

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ナシゴレン・サンバル/Nasi Goreng Sambal

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